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Besides 215pp of text, this affordable CD-ROM format contains nearly 700 color photographs, organized into 14 beautiful picture books.

Revealed for the first time...

The Sabbath for the Land,
   As it was meant to be:

     The Ultimate in
     Limited Self-Government

  • An instruction so simple a child could do it, but Biblical scholars have missed it, completely.
  • A lifestyle common for thousands of years, totally alien to a modern urban public that craves it.
  • A comprehensive system to assure productive land and national prosperity, yet it has never been done before.

Shemitta weaves together a brilliantly-conceived strategy for national defense, an elegantly simple method to maintain a productive environment, and a tragically-unrecognized socio-economic design - to maximize total economic productivity, establish justice, and preserve a united people...

All in but a single paragraph, but with a remote and inscrutable key: Exodus 23:11. This one seemingly insignificant verse has gone virtually unheeded since Joshua crossed the Jordan, yet it unlocks this amazing system with implications as true today, here in America, as they were for a migrant horde of former slaves 3,500 years ago.

Please review the excerpts, and prepare to be amazed.

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