Pattern Recognition

 An excerpt from Shemitta: For the Land Is Mine, by Mark Edward Vande Pol

It starts in the Beginning with Bereshit:

Gen 1:28 Every living thing multiplies; humans are accountable to increase the productivity of every living system
Gen 2:5-7 Humans cause disturbance to bring forth plant life.
Gen 2:15 Our purpose is to dress and keep the entire Garden.
Gen 3:17-18 Cursed is the ground for our sake; thistles, thorns, and hard labor are for disobedience.
Gen 4:11-12 Agro-urban conquest of pastoral peoples was both destructive to soil fertility & perilous to the resulting agro-industrial nations.

With statutes by which to prosper in the land of Israel:

Lev 23:42-43 Everyone is to muster every year in Jerusalem to live together in portable shelter for a week.
Ex 23:10-11
& Lev 25:5-6
Every seventh year, release and abandon producing lands and head for the hills.
Lev 26:10 Consume the prior triple portion that year, restock with part of the new triple portion. Always keep a year’s worth of food stored in the field and another at home.
Lev 25:20-2 Keep two years worth of food, always eat the old store.
Lev 25:6-7 Supplement stores by foraging for fresh produce.
Lev 25:10-13 Every fifty years, go home and live off your land.
Lev 25:23 Keep the land in the family; it belongs to Him.
Lev 25:24-28 You can not sell accountability for land; keep working it.
Lev 25:31 Rural communities are inseparable from the land.
Lev 25:36-37 Make loans to your brethren but charge no interest.
Deut 15:1-11
31:11, Ex 21:2
On the year of release, forgive all debts, terminate all labor contracts, and hear these instructions on Sukkot.

Taken together, this pattern readily forms our hypothesis:

The Sabbath for the Land, wildland foraging, permanent title, debt-forgiveness, termed labor contracts, and Sukkot, are not just to fallow fields, honor the tribes of Israel, help the poor, and remember living in tents. Their purpose is to ensure a hardy, prosperous, free, and independent people, tending the land and transmitting that knowledge from generation to generation, truly a light to the nations.

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